Rehabbing Rules For Domestic & Wild Waterfowl

When visiting the pond you may notice injured waterfowl, please report it to the office. Be advised some we can care for and some we can not due to federal law. There are two different types of waterfowl Domestic and wild.  

Domestic waterfowl- can be rehabbed in house at the pond. 

Any species listed in list two on the right .

Wild waterfowl- have to be sent out to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator it is illegal by federal law for anyone not licensed to care for them, breaking the law could result in major fines, closing of a facility or even jail time.

Examples: Wild waterfowl listed in list one on right

If we have an injured bird that is wild The Anglers do not have a licence rehabilitator on stuff, we use who we believe is the best in that field Cindy Page of Page Wildlife Center. The injured waterfowl will be kept there until it is releasable. If the injury is severe and the fowl is not expected to recover it will be properly euthenized by a vet.

Below you find photos by the Page Wildlife Center, animals that are federally protected that have been rehabbed over the years along with shots of the facility to give you a better understanding of the species that a rehab works with.

                            Wild Waterfowl
Bauld Eagle
                Canada Goose
                   Great Blue Heron
                  Female wood duck
               Male wood duck
                 Female Mallard
                               Mute Swan
                               Male Mallard
               Domestic Waterfowl
                                                        Buff Duck
                  Crested Swede Duck
                                                     Crested Pekin
Male Muscovy
Blue Bird                                            Bobcat                                                                    Flying squirrel
Beaver                                                      Blue Jay Habitit                     Baby Hummingbird
Coyote                                                    Deer                                                             Kestrel hawk                                                  
Baby Mallards                                                       Snowy Owl                                                     Red Fox Kits
  Flying squirrel
Barred Owl                                      Flight Cage
                           Peregrine Falcon                                                    Bauld Eagle
Green hern                                   Baby Blue Jay
Baby Owls                                   Baby Rabits
Bauld Eagle                             Barn Owl
Page Wildlife Center